One Way Or Another

So this is what it feels like. I have to say I really thought that today would be hard for me. I thought that maybe I would breakdown, hurt from within, yet I feel confident - I feel strong. Maybe I cried all the tears I could this week days ago - maybe I am just content with the actions moving forward - but for whatever reason I happy right now. I know that my husband has finally put New Jersey behind us, it is no longer apart of "us" or our marriage, that I am thankful for. Tonight I am not sure where my husband is laying his head, all I can hope is that he is as comfortable as he can be, warm as can be and content. I am thankful for the fact the he is moving his way towards me and after 290 days I will finally see him. That I am thankful for. I feel strong in my marriage, in my relationship with a fantastic man. I feel confident that his smile will make my world 100 times better, I cannot wait. I am grateful that one way or another I will see him, I will finally get to see that smile, lock eyes and that I am thankful for. It seems as though we waited decades for this day, this very day, January 26 yet it was stolen from us. The happiness, the excitement - our time was stolen and while it may not seem fair to us, we are still alive, we still have each other- that I am thankful for. I am confident that Tom and I will be together, one way or another.

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