As my husband "celebrates" his 31st birthday I sit and reflect over the past year. Today is actually one year that Tom and I have been together. It makes me smile. It makes me smile because it reminds me of just that night we began dating, how happy I was. How naive I was in the future that I would have with him.

The past 365 days have been amazing, really. Even though Tom has been gone for about 10 months of the year, the love we share is worth it. It may seem crazy or insane to read something like that - like really has it been so amazing to have him gone 10 months? Him being gone isn't necessarily the amazing part, the amazing part is in the past 365 days Tom and I have shared a special connection that we may have not experienced if he was home.

With him being gone so long, it has allowed us to share more than just dinner or drunks - it has mad us appreciate one another, trust each other and at the very least know each other like no other. I love that Tom and I know each other better than anyone else, we get each other. We know what we want, what we expect out of ourselves and from each other.

I was lucky enough to celebrate Tom's 30th birthday with him and while I wish I could at least see Tom today, I know he know's I love him. To him its probably not a "happy" birthday but its days like this that make you appreciate when you are finally together, or at least see one another.

Tom won't get a cake, hear the birthday song or be able to blow out his candles. But one day soon I hope to share more than a cake, or blowing out candles. We will share the love we have.

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