Small Things

Today I came home not only to a nice two page letter from Tom but two heavy packages, they were filled with letters, cards, pictures, newspaper clippings. All together they were 26 cars, 5 random drawings, 12 little notes, 56 pictures, 1 postcard, a weird collection of newspaper clippings, and 377 sheets of double sided hand-written letters. They were all the letters and cards I have sent him since he left Idaho to New Jersey, April 11. Seeing the things he chose to keep and rip out of the newspaper, humbles me in the fact of how much I take for granted. The little things like a senseless note that just reads, "P.S.S. I just wanted to tell you I love you again," it kept, on the tiniest piece of paper. In the situation Tom is in, he appreciates the photos, cards and the little notes. It brightens his day - gives him something to look forward to and I am really happy that everything I have been doing means something to him. It is almost like a catch 22, it is sad to browse through the letters yet it's fun to see how far we have come. I am not really fond of reading my own letters that I write to Tom because I don't like to read me having a hard time but I do love to read the letters that are excited to see him, to finally have him home continues to give me hope that one day soon I will see him and to have home. Today I am grateful for the little things, the hand written letters I get from my husband, the beautifully drawn cards, the surprise phone calls the never ending appreciation from him.

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