Fun, Family and Fireworks

Fourth of July is a staple of summer. What seems to the real kick off to summer fun, it really is a true highlight in Salmon. Falling on Wednesday, it forced us to really depend on what we wanted to do rather than walking the street fair or watching the parade. So we had our first (hopefully an annual event) family barbecue. The night before I prepared clam dip, pasta salad, deviled eggs and pineapple upside down cupcakes. Tom and I got up early July 4 to go clean the pool, to get it ready for everyone to enjoy.

It was finally something we have been waiting for, our families coming together. My dad, my step-mom, sister and Tom's mom and step-dad, niece. Of course family members were missing but we were grateful for who was there. 

The weather was perfect. The sun shining it wasn't too hot, a slight breeze and everyone was together something which has been missed since Tom was away. In fact, it was Tom and my first holiday together. Something I was looking forward to and we knew it had to be a great day. Getting everyone together seemed so right, it was smooth and effortless. Tom set up the horseshoe pit and we split to teams. My dad jumped on the barbecue to showcase his talents. 

The kids were swimming, the sun shining, horseshoes thrown and it was then that I realized that Tom is home. The amazing feeling it was to have him home, to have everyone there, to be with everyone. I am sure it is something he looked forward to and appreciated.

Tom's favorite part was "everyone being together." It was nice. Plain and simple. No expectations, no alternative motives just family, enjoying one another's company.

We spent around four hours in the pool playing chicken, marco pollo and a mean game of basketball. I love going swimming with Tom and having everyone else there was a great topper.
Just a few months ago it seemed like we would never have been doing this, especially so soon. We feel blessed that we were able to do this because of the fact that Tom is home and was able to get his curfew extended.

I am so proud of Tom. Seeing how happy he was yesterday made me realize and how desperately he needed this. He needed everyone together, having a good time, having fun. He deserves it. He deserves all the fun and happiness in the world and I am lucky enough to share every day with him.

Tom LOVES fireworks, so of course after coming home and settling we took his niece, Bre, to watch the fireworks. We parked high on Discovery Hill, laying on the hood of the car. You can see the entire town making us able to see everyone's fireworks as well the city's. As Bre sat next to me wrapped in her soft purple blanket with her sucker utters, "This is probably gonna be the best day of my life." That right there, is what makes us happy. It was a great day. Worth the food prep, the sunburn and all.

As the fireworks shot up in the air, each boom made Tom more and more excited with every other sentence with "I love fireworks." The day was full of fun, family and fireworks and I wouldn't trade it for anything or anyone. It was amazing. I am really grateful Tom is home today.

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