Moving Right Along

It seems like I have been pregnant forever. When we went and got our first ultrasound, I was eight weeks, which makes me like four to six weeks when we told everyone! Of course we thought I was much farther along and we may have held off announcing it to the world but it is what it is. So now at 16 weeks, it feels like forever ago I took the at home test. Most women won't find out that they are expecting until they are 10-12 weeks. We are slowly waiting for my pregnancy to "take off" while the baby is quickly growing inside I am ready for the belly, for the movements and everything fun, supposedly that probably won't feel anything for a few more weeks. This past week we finally got our nursery furniture, no thanks to Walmart. We had to re-order a whole new set, and decided to use Target instead. Tom spent part of the day assembling the changing table and second dresser by himself. Together we put the crib together. It became so real. So real that I would become a mother and Tom a father again. The set we chose, I am in love with - all white, just simple and sophisticated. The one thing we are missing is a white rocking chair, something I wish we had just so I could sit in the room enjoy it. Looking over in what was the spare room, but now a baby room - is an amazing feeling, an overwhelming feeling, almost something you can't even explain. The idea of bringing home a baby boy and baby girl is something I am so anxious for. Hell, I am anxious just to know whether we are going to bring home a boy or a girl. I am excited to buy colored clothing, paint a beautiful watercolor and add small details that make the room even that more special. I want to fill the closet, the drawers with anything and everything from outfits, to onsies, diapers and burp clothes. Never did I imagine that I would be here, right now. Of course as a first time mother I wonder the whats ifs and the am I's? 

Am I going to be a good mom? 
What if I do something wrong? 

I second guess myself even though that my heart, my soul is there and that I want nothing more than to have a happy, healthy, loved baby. Only a few more weeks and I am into my fifth month, we are moving right along! 

At 31 years old, believe it or not Tom has never carved a pumpkin! So while Halloween quickly approaches he is so excited since it is his favorite "holiday," we decorated the front of our place with fake spider webs, spiders, fake gravestones, a bloody door cover and he was so happy. I on the other hand was so excited to carve pumpkins something I have been doing since I was young. So we decided to go pick a pumpkin rather then just go to the grocery store and buy one, I wanted to make it a special day, one-of-a-kind day. We made the drive to the pumpkin patch, carefully walked through to ind the perfect one, he played a little sling shot game and found three "perfect" pumpkins. We made our purchase and saved the carving for a few days later when we had time to really focus and clean up. Tom was not excited at all to carve pumpkins. Once I had cut the top of my off and began to de-gut it, he was not impressed but he continued. He started his and cleaned it out, of course the worst part. He told me how he wanted his pumpkin to look, so I drew a little stencil for him to go by. As soon as he got in the hang of it, he liked it. So we both began to cut into the pumpkins. 

It was so nice to just sit at home, listen to music and not even talk, just carve and be with one another. We just enjoyed each other's company, compared carvings and spent a great night together. Once we were done, we quickly found some tea lights to put in the pumpkins. We decorated our little steps, one pumpkin for each and we thought they turned out fantastic. Little nights like this, begin what I hope becomes a tradition. By next year we will have a child to share these traditions with, while our child won't be old enough to participate, we will make it special! 

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