Twas the Night

The Woman Who Waits- ♥

Twas the night before Christmas
And there all alone
I saw a young woman
Who sat by the phone

For what was she waiting
On this holiday night
Where were the stockings
Christmas tree,and lights?

I saw one little tear
As it rolled down her face
And she curled up in a blanket
Then looked round the place

Something was missing
Someone not there
In her face I saw sadness
Did I also see fear?

I paused and I wondered
What could it be?
That would cause a young woman
To look so lonely

How could anyone so precious
Choose such a life?
Then I realized this woman
Was a prisoner's wife.

Her gift for this Christmas
Is to hear that phone ring
“Hey baby, I miss you
Don’t worry about a thing”

Each day I thank God for the woman who waits
Ever willing to stay faithful while her man is away
But how often do I ever remember think
About the young woman who is that prisoner’s wife

Thank you God for these women
They are just as strong
They sacrifice daily
And without help get along

So God please protect our families while these men do time
On this holiday eve so late
And give an extra hug
To their women who wait


It has finally hit me - I think. Five. Yes, only five more week until my husband will finally be home. This journey has been so hard yet so amazing. I say amazing because it has taught me the true meaning of patience, it has taught me the meaning of love and it has made me realize who I am.

Who I am because I always thought of myself as a strong person but this has put me to the test. And to me this test has been worthy of all of the ups and downs and the hardships. It was all worth it because in just five short months my husband will be home. Finally.

Its almost unreal feeling. I knew it would come but to sit here and think in just five weeks, my husband will be next to me seems almost like a fantasy. A fantasy in deed.

I am so excited yet so anxious all at the same time. I remember a conversation Tom and I once had, we sat and pondered what it would feel like to have under 100 days, then 60 days and now just weeks. I have to admit it is an amazing feeling. To think that it will 10.5 months of my husband being gone and to finally having this over is heaven. Its seems unreal but I know it is coming soon and I am so happy.

"When I first came to Idaho I never thought that I would meet someone like you. I knew I would meet someone and I thought when I got arrested I figured that would be it. I owuld be all alone again and do this by myself. And i do have to admit that there was doubt in my mind that it wouldn't work. I thought when I got here and we started this that you would realize how hard this is and bail. But again you amaze me. You have done more than I could ever ask for from anyone. You have been by my side and supported me emotionally and financially. You amaze me everyday when I call and you are in good spirits. You amaze me everyday when i get a letter that you find time to write in between your three jobs. You just amaze me more and more everyday. But not that we are about done there is no doubt in my mind that we will make it. We have had out ups and a lot of downs but have made it babe! It's over with for us! We did it babe! I'm so proud to call you my wife. If we can do this babe we can do anything. Our future looks bright. Now we can put this behind us and focus on our future and worry about making babies! I love you so much babe. I can't begin to describe how proud I am of you and how much you mean to me. Thank you for everything," writes my husband in my Christmas card. Little does he know that I am so proud of him. He is my better half, my best friend and my husband for always and 4-Life.

‎"Before I met my husband,

I'd never fallen in love.

I'd stepped in it a few times." -Rita Rudner


You would think after 260 days I would be used to going to bed alone, that the silence would be soothing and I would be no longer turn to tell him something - but it's still there. A total of 260 days since that very day of him being locked away. Now its been eight months since I have seen him, eight L-O-N-G months. Damn, it seemed like having just 48 days left would never come and now that we are here, all I feel is anxious with excitement.

I honestly like explain the feeling that is felt deep down within me.

Some days I feel so excited I am happy other days, I am so excited I want to cry - yet after 260 days there are most certainly days that I still miss him, that I still want him, that I still need him. Its still hard. I can't deny that, at all. It's almost as though the last 48 days are the hardest, then the 30, then the 20 and finally the 10.

We are both nervous, nervous in seeing each other in what will be 10 months; nervous for the "start" of our marriage and nervous for life. The what-ifs go still through both of our minds after 260 days. I always wondered what it would feel like to be three digits into this instead of three digits away from this. And while it hasn't been easy, it hasn't been fun, the 260 plus will be worth it I am sure of that.

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