You would think after 260 days I would be used to going to bed alone, that the silence would be soothing and I would be no longer turn to tell him something - but it's still there. A total of 260 days since that very day of him being locked away. Now its been eight months since I have seen him, eight L-O-N-G months. Damn, it seemed like having just 48 days left would never come and now that we are here, all I feel is anxious with excitement.

I honestly like explain the feeling that is felt deep down within me.

Some days I feel so excited I am happy other days, I am so excited I want to cry - yet after 260 days there are most certainly days that I still miss him, that I still want him, that I still need him. Its still hard. I can't deny that, at all. It's almost as though the last 48 days are the hardest, then the 30, then the 20 and finally the 10.

We are both nervous, nervous in seeing each other in what will be 10 months; nervous for the "start" of our marriage and nervous for life. The what-ifs go still through both of our minds after 260 days. I always wondered what it would feel like to be three digits into this instead of three digits away from this. And while it hasn't been easy, it hasn't been fun, the 260 plus will be worth it I am sure of that.

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