It has finally hit me - I think. Five. Yes, only five more week until my husband will finally be home. This journey has been so hard yet so amazing. I say amazing because it has taught me the true meaning of patience, it has taught me the meaning of love and it has made me realize who I am.

Who I am because I always thought of myself as a strong person but this has put me to the test. And to me this test has been worthy of all of the ups and downs and the hardships. It was all worth it because in just five short months my husband will be home. Finally.

Its almost unreal feeling. I knew it would come but to sit here and think in just five weeks, my husband will be next to me seems almost like a fantasy. A fantasy in deed.

I am so excited yet so anxious all at the same time. I remember a conversation Tom and I once had, we sat and pondered what it would feel like to have under 100 days, then 60 days and now just weeks. I have to admit it is an amazing feeling. To think that it will 10.5 months of my husband being gone and to finally having this over is heaven. Its seems unreal but I know it is coming soon and I am so happy.

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