Tom humbled me tonight. As the phone rang I was so anxious to finally talk to him, talk to someone today! I shared how I was lonely and depressed today. His reply, "Its okay." To me its not okay or fine, so his response kind of enraged me. It made me mad because I felt like I was sharing something with him and here he was dismissing it, something he wasn't doing. He says, "It could be worse." To me, today, it can't. But as my husband explained to me, that to him we are good, he's good and I'm good. "When people ask me how I am, I always say 'good.' I have no other choice not to be good," he said.

He is so right.

"Every one has it harder or easier compared to the next person," he went on. So right again. He seemed to always find a positive in a world of negatives. Today I sit here, lonely and depressed but I know in the long run it won't be like this forever and I should be thankful for that. There are dozens of other men facing years without their freedom and dozens of "prison wives" facing years of lonely Sundays like this one. I was humbled in the fact that I shouldn't sit here and feel sorry for myself. We have no other choice in this situation, we have no other choice of what the outcome will be, we must just continue in staying strong in our marriage looking forward to the future. None of us should, we have chosen this path, we must embrace it and make the most out of it that we can. While our loved ones may not be able to experience everyday life with us, we can still embrace the present and look toward the future, leaving the past buried.


  1. Once again you have hit the nail on the won't be this way for ever! You will have him home soon...very soon!

  2. He is right. How amazing is it that he can be in such a horrible place and still lead you to victory. What a strong man. I envy the relationship the two of you have. So loving and caring. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. I think you are already doing the right things, by sharing your story with others. This kind of openness helps other people far more than we realise. just to know you are not the only one dealing with something is often enough to get through the next day.

    hang in there kid :)


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