The days are continuing to shed and as everyday that passes I seem to be getting this surge of energy and happiness. One more month and we are under 100 days, that makes me happy. I couldn't even begin to explain how this time has put a hold on our relationship yet has allowed us to grow. As each day passes its like almost nerve wrecking because while I am hopeful no one could say they don't have doubts. I have doubts of what it will be like when Tom is home. I want to make sure he is happy not down and out when he is home and to know that he always has a home where I will always support him. Doubts of how we will merge as husband and wife. When he left we were "living together" and were just dating not, married. When he arrives home, we will be Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, its nerve wrecking not knowing the next move or next chapter yet it is exciting. I am anxious to see where we will end up, whether moving to a bigger town or keeping Salmon our home, when will we have children and our soon-to-be renewal of vows. I am so anxious on every level. And while we are still in triple digits, its under 200, thank God. Together I know Tom and I can accomplish anything, and overcome this biggest hurdles. We have this undying love in one another, an extreme commitment and an amazing support system. Together we are unbreakable.

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  1. Well I think you and Tom will be just fine...you both have such open lines of communication and that is what a marriage should always be based on! I know the first year of most marriages are spent "consummating" the marriage..but in your case you spent it on truly getting to know each others SOULS! Never discount what you have had in the past or what you may have in the future...or what you REALLY have in this moment!


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