There is an old say "absence makes the heart grow fonder." While for some people time make break you, worry you or even just pressure you, in our situation it has the "heart grow fonder." I can't say that this experience has been sugarplums and fairies yet this has brought us closer to each other and has really made us aware of the love we have. Tom and I were talking last night about where would be if he never had those silver bracelets around him wrists March 23.

Would we be married? Probably not. Yes, Tom and I may or may not have jumped into marriage too soon, yet we are happy we did. This time apart has opened our eyes to "bigger and better" things. We no longer focus on us as individuals or our outcome, its now "us" as a team. Having a person, a man, like Tom in my life has made me realize how much I have been missing out this whole time. So when Tom was pulled out of my life so fast, I soon awoke and made the promise to myself and Tom that this wasn't going to be the end. Now that we have been apart for over 160 days, we have left the past buried and look forward to our future together. He has developed hopes and dreams that maybe he would have never had, I have realized that my hopes and dreams are of children, marriage and sharing in my success with a wonderful husband. So now our life no longer consists of sleeping in one another's arms, there is no longer surprise lunches, balloons, flowers or jewelry.

And when your loved one is absent, those things don't matter. What matters now is their voice, their letters, their cards and their precious love. I got this amazing card in the mail from my husband. It is beautiful in its bright colors and precise lines but its more beautiful because it shows he cares. Over 160 days he is still making me smile, laugh and still melts my heart. He still goes out of his way to send me something special, it doesn't cost a lot, isn't something major but it is special. This wonderful card already has its own frame and hanging close to my bed. It reminds me every single day how lucky I am. Lucky to have him in my life, as my husband and so lucky to be in love with him. Tom and I share a lot of love between us, yet we are growing all of this fantastic love as well.

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  1. How special is that card? So beautiful. The only thing u can hold on to is ur luv.


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