What it could feel like

Today would be four days until Tom was released, now the four days has turned into a countdown of the unknown. We don't know if he will be extradited or just moved to a different facility. But we do know he will eventually make his way back to Idaho, which makes us anxious because we haven't seen each other in nine months. So I am looking forward to seeing his smile and hearing his laugh in person.

I was so happy when we hit double digits, the big 99, and then I wondered was single digits would feel like. I never got the chance. It's almost like we don't even discuss how many days, its like unspoken knowledge. Unspoken that we were hurt in the process not only by the time we have been serving but also the hurt of now looking to a whole new bid.
I wonder what four days would feel like? What it would be like to be so close to knowing he is coming home, the excitement, the butterflies. I am mad that our chance to experience was taken away, that we no longer have that moment of me picking up at the airport or spend a weekend away - spending real time together.

Even though we are unsure of what the next four days will bring, I do know that our love will continue to grow and our bond will stay. Until then we must be patient and hope for the best, keep faith in ourselves and continue loving each other.

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