The waiting game is the hardest part of being a prison wife. You wait for letters, for calls, for news, its always wait, wait, wait. Tom and I never really "waited" per say for his release date, for his potential situation we always kind of knew what was going on. But now, we will be waiting. Waiting for him to extradited. Waiting for a potential bond. Waiting for a trial. Waiting for a length of time.


Its hard for me to explain the situation to people, in part it is my fault of what is now happening. Tom and I both knew this may happen yet we never thought it would. Here we are unknowing of the future, the future we had planned.

Its heart breaking to go 290 days and with only 19 days left, something is thrown into your face and now all the plans and dates that were set don't mean anything. Nothing. The plane tickets is useless, the phone still sits in the box unwrapped and the plans we had are put on the back burner for who knows how long.

This has created a sort of fear within me.

A fear of the unknown. I have no clue when my husband will be home. I have no clue to when we can finally start our lives together. The fear lives in my soul and creeps within my heart. The fear is deadly.

I am so afraid.


  1. I am so sorry Annette...This must be so very difficult for you both! There is nothing that I can possibly say that can justify or even comfort you right now! Just know that I am here and will continue to support you both in your journey! Much love!

  2. When he is released, you 2 have a super life to look forward to. I can tell you r both committed to each other, and u have to keep yourself in your present life with focusing on today only, and what you can do to stay your healthiest for him and your family. The more positive you r the more positive you will be for him. From what I read about the facts of the case, Idaho will have to release him as soon as they have court, or before!! Keep positive and be the person you would be if he were here!!! I can tell you are strong, cry when you need to, and keep being strong!! tears are a sign of strength!!!


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