My Life versus My Priorities

Some days just suck. Not because of work, or non-sense drama from family and friends just because Tom isn't here. Things constantly remind me of him whether its a smell, something I see or a stupid joke I know Tom would laugh at. Like the Taco Bell mild sauce, he would get it, he would laugh and I miss that! Funny things he says or does, or things that makes me laugh and smile.

While my life was thrown through a whirlwind in such a short period of time I wouldn't change it. Now my life is full of phone calls and letters and that's okay. Really. Sometimes people get my life versus my priorities intertwined. Yes, a lot of my time is consumed by collect calls, letter writing, letter reading, calling this and that person about an appeal, ordering books and sending money orders but that's my life. My priorities are my jobs especially because I need to survive. My priorities are my overall well being because Tom doesn't want anything but for me to be happy. And he would live without the list of things I do, but I do it because I love him.

Judging people say not to let my life revolve around him, it doesn't but he is my husband making him a huge part of my life. I still do me. I work, I have fun and Tom is apart of that. People say I shouldn't invest so much time in this right now because I may regret it later, what is that? So are they saying my marriage will fail because of where my husband is? But how am I suppose to make my marriage work without putting any effort into it?

It blows my mind how naive people can be in my own life. Tom makes me happy, I make him happy, its memories of laughter and love that keep us going, that keep our marriage a float along with the phone calls, letters and pictures. Besides whoever says that they have never put someone they love in front of something or someone else, is lying. Sorry but its true. Divorced or married, happy or miserable its happened.

So I miss Tom today. I wish I could laugh with him in person than wait until the phone rings but even though I miss him I am still alive this situation doesn't control my life, doesn't control who I am. I love my husband <3 And when it comes down to it I am going to fight for our marriage and for our happiness.

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