An impression in my heart to stain on my skin

"Never will I do that!" I once explained yet here I am, an hour and half later here I am with "endless love" on the inside of my ring finger and "T & A 4-Life 4-7-11" on the opposite side.

Yes, I got our initials tattooed on my ring finger.
Explanation? Love. Commitment.

T & A for Tom and Annette
4-Life for him, he always signs his letters "Your Husband 4-Life"
4-7-11 for the day we said I do.
Endless Love because that is what this is endless love
Tom kinda wanted me to wait for him to get it done but to me it's something I wanted to do on my own, something to show, to prove my love, my devotion.
And Here It Is. In raw form, in fact with traces of the stencil.

While our marriage is permanent so is the ink that will forever remind me of my wonderful husband. Every time I look down I will see this, and it will only remind me of the amazing man I met and married, the commitment we share and the trials that we have already had to face. Some people may think it is a bad idea, that marriage isn't guaranteed, that things happen but you're right things happen - like love. Why do people always assume the worst, why not the best. Tom and I have already been through a lot, we have already had to struggle for 145 days of our marriage, yes 145 days. Yet that is okay. I am okay with the situation because I know when he is home we will have the life together and that's all that matters.

I love my husband, I am committed to him 120 percent.
We only have 164 more days, another day down is another day closer
to having each other into our arms.

Tom has left an impression in my heart, something that will never cease,
a print on my soul and now forever on my skin, a permanent stain.

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