More than the Moon

"Happy Anniversary baby! Four months and going strong! After this nothing can stop us baby. I'm so happy that April 7th we made the decision to spend the rest of our lives together. That is one of the best decisions I could have ever made in my life! To marry a woman who is everything that I'm not. She is reliable, funny, strong willed and caring. She keeps me together when I want to crumble. She picks me up when I fall down. And she is there when no one else is. She is my wife till death do us part! I love you with all my heart baby always and 4-Life!"

Tom was right, after this, nothing can stop us. This has definitely been a test of our love, dedication and a test of our commitment. Yeah we have only been married for four months but four months he has been locked up, four months of collect calls, letters, and four months of complete devotion. Everyday I think of how blessed I am to have this kind of love, this man - while others see him as just an inmate, just an offender I see him.

I see the potential in him, yet I see the pain, I see the love he has and the love he needs - I see past his bad decisions and encourage the right ones, because what matters is the present and the future. We let the past be the past, bury those skeletons and move on that is what keeps us as a unit.

April 7th I married my best friend and I wouldn't change it for the world. April 7th I made the right decision by marrying him. While he says I am everything he isn't like funny, strong willed, reliable and caring - I see all of those things within him. Four months really doesn't matter, what does matter is that love we share, the commitment we have for our marriage and focusing on the future. I love him more than the moon, at this point that is the only thing we share, the moon. Seeing the same thing thousands of miles away, I wish it was just that easy to see him. But one day soon we will be able to share the moon together, with one another, and I pray for it every single day.

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