Are you doing what you believe in, or are you settling for what you are doing?

I feel like people ask me this all the time but without the words, they think it, they want to ask but they never muster up the courage. So is this what I believe in, or am I settling? This situation is nothing I ever thought I would be in nor something I even imagined I would agree to. If you asked me when I was 16, 18, hell 23, would I marry a man in the Lemhi County Courthouse, while he wore black and white strips? Would I take the chance and put all of me into this? I would have said no, never.

So at 25 here I am, married to man in prison, so am I settling or do I believe in this?

I have always been a lover, I love hard, I love for real - so that is what I believe in. I am not settling. The only think I am settling on is allowing this situation get the best of me, because when it comes down to it, this isn't for the weak. This is for the strong, the willing, the ones who are ready to give it their all - not ones who easily give up. While a lot of people may weak women marry men in prison, weak women stick with a man in prison but its takes a very solid person to put up with the visits, the calls, the letters and lack of communication, love, affection. Its like trying to get pull a warm-hearted feeling from a cold empty place.

I believe in love, the commitment of marriage and that is why I am here in this position. I am in this because I believe in the man I married, I love him and I wouldn't have married him especially in these circumstances if I didn't have the faith and love from him and for him.

Settling is something in a court case, a payment, there is no settling in my marriage, this right now is what I believe in. I know once these days go by and he is home again what you call settling you will then call destiny.


  1. I am so happy I can now comment on your blogs! First, you wrire beautifully; from the heart and that is why I keep coming back.
    Second, you are consistent in your blogs, I can always count on a new blog post every few days.
    Third, by allowing comments you will now generate more traffic from people who will comment just to get the 'all important' backlink ... the key to Google's heart.
    Never eliminate a comment, even if it is negative as Google loves any comment, regardless of the tone....and controversy brings more visitors and more visitors bring more visitors...
    Get it? : ) I knew you would....

  2. Well Annette...I just love the fact that you are not afraid to show that you love Tom no matter what he has done or where he is takes a very strong woman to live this life and I am very proud to know you! I Also enjoy reading your blog and am glad I can now comment.....

  3. I am glad you both can comment now! =] Yay for comments! lol


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