If you're a bird . . .

Doesn't everyone just love this movie? Okay well besides a lot of guys but it's a beautiful love story. A young woman from a well off family falls in the love with the man that just makes cents an hour and when her mother steps in, years tear them apart but love prevails and the two end up together till the end, literally. I love this story but I am a girl and I love a lot of love stories! Watching this always makes me cry and just made me think of what my "love" future would be. These stories seem to be fiction, things like that really don't happen, but they do for some people.

I interviewed a couple February 2010 who had been married for 72 years, yes, married for 72 years. Tom and I were dating at the time and insisted that he went, and it was nice to see an older (both 90) couple still so in love. And while they didn't have a story of years being apart or rich versus poor, their love story was extraordinary. Could you imagine being married for 72 years? Amazing. And sitting there with Tom made me wonder, would it be him? Would Tom and I have that kind of love?
Now months later, we do. Tom and I can't say we met as teenagers, or married at the naive age of 18 but we can say we have that love. So yes, these amazing love stories happen, maybe not so much like in the movies but they are true and I am one of them. People judge Tom and I, our marriage and the fact that Tom is in prison but what they don't understand is real love. A lot of people just don't understand until you are in that position, really, they preach they would never, could never but then they do. I was one of them. I had a list of must have's and has to's and guess what? Tom had what maybe one, two. Male and with a pulse. It's true.
But luckily I crumbled up that pointless list and fell madly in love with what is now my best friend. Sometimes you have to look past the exterior and feel something, like Allie and Noah. She looked past the fact that he had no money, really wasn't going anywhere and they fell in love. They laughed and fought but loved. Tom and I haven't really fought but I am sure as time goes on we will, but we laugh like its medicine and love like crazy.
So now when I watch these movies I understand. I understand that love because I have that love. I am so deeply in love with my husband I would do it all over again. All over again. And I know my husband loves me which gets me up every morning, happy throughout the day and puts a smile on my face when my head hits the pillow at night. I am so grateful not only to be married to my best friend, but to have this kind of love. And I know if I were a bird, Tom would be a bird.

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  1. How beautiful is this, the love you and your husband share is amazing! Only if we were all so lucky. Continue to stay strong in your journey & love one another deeply.


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