After my day yesterday - locking my keys in my car, having to get a jump twice, burning myself, a notice that my car insurance is going up by $40 a month for no apparent reason, dropping and shattering a brand new vase - I was ready to quit. Quit something.

So I quit the day. Yesterday being Thursday, Tom usually doesn't call since I work from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. so I was a little disappointed that he didn't even try, even after my numerous telepathic attempts. =] At the end of the day I was irritated at the fact that my husband wasn't here to save me when I was a damsel in distress. While I am not mad at him, just irritated at the fact that this is what it is. I was made that I felt like I am doing everything on my own, that the insurance wouldn't be such a big deal if my spouse was working too, my car issues would may be a little easier if I didn't have to rely on friends - I was just irritated that he can't be here. And I am not mad at him or with him, I just want him here.

In the same horrible day I had we did have a glimmer or good news. Tom works five days a week and in addition to the $15 a month he earns he also earns credits for days off. He received a calculation of days and if he continues to work with minimal days off due to weather he will have a release day of January 26, 2012. Thank God.

We originally figured February 3 but could still climb from January to February since Fall and Winter in on their way. But while Wednesday we had 203 days left, Thursday we had 175. I was looking forward to breaking the 200 mark but now we are looking to 150 days or the countdown to be less then the count up - and of course the day he comes home.

While the facility he is at now looked over his charges and are still holding them, we still have an appeal in the process. But Tom and I have learned to not get our hopes up, so allow us to be happy with the final date and if its earlier then its earlier, we will of course be happy but we can't count on anything but each other.

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