Missing Daddy

Today was a "big" day for us, it was the day Tom would go home to work for a few days and I would come back to stay. We are in the process of figuring out our own routine of him coming and going and me figuring out what to do with my time. So today we spent our am with Cooper for touch time and then we headed out of town so Tom could work and I could get much needed clothes and hygiene products - things we have missed for about a week.

While packing my things, which seemed like all my things it just hit me, of how hard this will be. How much I will miss Tom and feel a little disconnected from the world. Don't get me wrong it is completely worth it, because Cooper is our priority - this situation is very overwhelming.

After packing and taking the three hour trip back to Missoula, I made touch time with Cooper. I took his temperature, sat with my finger upon his body and it didn't feel right without Tom there. I guess I never realized how much he supports me and how much I really do need him. I could barely keep it together in Cooper's room, missing Tom, wishing he could be there because I know he wishes he could be too. Not only did I miss Tom but Cooper did too.

What seemed to be perfect timing, while the nurse was cleaning out Tom's mouth, his right eye started to open.

There he was this little angel, so tiny and small, just with this tiny little opening of his eye. While he can't "see" me, he can see shadows maybe movement. The moment was special. Special because for us its a little milestone, something very precious. We didn't expect his eyes to open this early so it sure was surprise. He couldn't get his left eye open yet, so one will have to do. It was almost like Cooper was looking for Tom, he missed his daddy's "hey buddy."

* On a side note, Cooper's tests have come back good. Of course the NICU doctors and nurses say its two steps forward and one step back so we take everyday on with its new challenges *

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