Being Mom

After 10 days of giving birth to my precious baby boy, I got to finally hold him. Hold him on him, his skin to my skin, we could feel one another's breaths, smell one another and be loved by one another. His tiny legs fit into my bra, his arms stretched and his small head rested upon my chest. It was the best two hours yet, in the past 10 days. I was so overjoyed, so happy. I am disappointed my husband missed the moment, but I can't wait until it is his moment. The moment when he will be able to hold his son for the first time. The moment when he can feel Cooper's little warm body against his. At that moment nothing else matters. Cooper and I got to gently rock and nap for two whole hours. It was so great and so amazing, I really can't put it into words to describe what its like to hold your son 10 days after giving birth to him. This skin to skin "kangaroo care" is the best thing ever for a preemie mom. It just makes you fall in love all over again.

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