Let it Snow

Today I woke up to snowfall, lots and lots of it. I couldn't help but grab my new camera and shoot some pics, through a window of course but none the less take some pics! We live in such an amazingly beautiful town and this view is right out our bedroom window. While I am not a big fan of winter, at this point I would love to just walk outside a little, maybe just enjoy the snow and the cold. It seems to be hard for me to cope with this new way of life. I go from two jobs to no jobs to just hanging out at home, watching TV, writing, playing games whatever I can do to occupy my mind. Boredom is something I try to overcome every day. Finding something to do that is "rest and relaxed" since my walking is limited, Resting on the bed, the couch or reclined in a chair is my now permanent position until the baby comes. I know that in the long run this will all be worth it, but I most definitely need some patience. 

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