You got a friend in me

I have been so lucky to have such amazing friends, and I did not just realize this. From when Tom was gone for over a year and even before that my friends have been so great in every way.


I think I have some of the BEST friends anyone could ask for especially during this time. Since surgery and now being on best rest for about four days, I am over it. I want to get up do something, work - something. While I know I can't I have depended on my family and friends a lot and of course my wonderful husband.
The scare of being in the emergency room, life flighted and really the unknown of the future of the pregnancy is has been a tough and emotional week! But no matter what I have had so much help and support through this time. Being on bed rest is most certainly not fun. Having to lay down and "take it easy" takes it toll on me. While some people might like it, for me it seems to be torture.

But I just wanted to take time to share a big thank you to all my friends who have made dinner, brought me ice cream or even just call and care. I truly appreciate every bit of it.

Also I appreciate my one and only husband, who has been very patient and kind even when I am not. He has been a real rock even when I feel defeated and depressed he can make me laugh and lift my spirits.

Thank you.

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