Blooming Boredom

First day of bed rest without Tom, boredom. And not necessarily because Tom wasn't home, because I had visitors, boredom because I can't do anything (well I'm not suppose to). I can walk to the bathroom, shower sitting down, make a sandwich or heat soup but that is it. I will migrate from my bed to the couch, since the doctor said I can sit up for a little bit but that's my day.

Today I received a long-awaited package of my new Canon DSLR camera. I haven't just been waiting for weeks for it to arrive but I have wanted one for years. I fell in love with DSLRs while I was working. So arriving while on bed rest, is bittersweet. I got to play around with it for awhile and limited to what to shoot from bed or the couch.

But I got this cute bouquet of flowers from Tom and decided that should be my subject, visable from my sitting spot in the living room. I got pretty excited to see the camera body, plus the two lenses, the filters, the lens adapters and more. Makes me wish I could at least take a walk outside, fresh air would be nice too.

I guess during my "down" time I will be writing a lot, reading and wishing I could take more photos. So here is my first blog of my "blooming boredom."

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