25 weeks

I can't believe Cooper is 25 weeks today, such a little fighter! He seems so content and comfy just as though he is sailing along until the doctors let him come home. Everyday seems like he is just a little different. His face, his reactions, I am just so in love with this little miracle.

He has been very content for the past few days, with great results from blood gas tests and slowly but surely the oscillator down a little. Yesterday, the day nurse had him at room air for a short while, and of course it didn't last but it wasn't all that bad either.

Today he got his first real "feeding" of breast milk via tube, which is great too. The nurses clean out his stomach every six hours and I was warned that the milk may still be in his stomach by the next feeding, that his stomach may not know what to do yet. Well by touch time there was barely any milk left, yay! He will have another head ultrasound in the next few days to watch the bleed, which we hope for good results of course.

Cooper is just so responsive, I even caught him on video opening his eyes and looking around. Tom and I couldn't be happier with his progress and strength, of course 2 steps forward 1 step back, its one day at a time. We know we will be here awhile and will just wait on little Cooper and his progression through the next few months so he can be a healthy, happy little boy.

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