26 weeks

Today little Cooper is 26 weeks, almost 14 days old. Wow, time has been going by so fast! It just seems like yesterday we had him! Today has been one of those two steps forward one step back days. Cooper's PDA seems to be closed for now which is fantastic (but it can reopen) and his antibiotics even went down, two good things. But over the last couple days that Cooper has had with being exubated, reintubated, prodded and poked his oxygen intake has increased. I hate it. I want to see the number go down, not up. And I will be honest, the numbers still aren't "that" bad, when I left the hospital tonight they were at 37, the lowest he can go is 21 that is room air. It is discouraging when yesterday he was at 23. They had to once again reposition his tube by half a centimeter.

Today I spend nearly 12 hours at the hospital with Cooper. I wasn't able to hold him, or really get any "touch time" because he has been messed with so much they were trying to limit it today. I feel so helpless when I am not able to do anything as the nurses have to over again and again take blood from his tiny little feet. Poor Cooper's feet are swollen and bruised from it all. On days like today it is hard for me to leave. I want to be there in case anything happens. Tom reassures me he is in good hands, which I don't doubt but still I want to be there especially on bad days. I know I can't always hold him but Cooper knows when I am there. He can hear my voice as I tell him good morning, and I am his mom, I should be there.

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  1. Awwww at this point there isnt much you can do but be there when he can be held and pump pump pump lol. He hears you and im sure kniws when his mama is there babys have that ultra sense to their mom.

    Love you, valerie!


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