I was made for him

At 25 I thought for sure I would have had kids and had at least a few years under my belt of being married. Each line on my face, every scar as a story of what I have been through of who I am, in my short 25 years. And as though I have been through so much every step, every fall has lead me to my husband. I have climbed to the highest mountain, traveled across the ocean and have broken all the rules but it has lead me to him. So many people have judged me for the decisions that I have made, dating him, marrying him and now the sacrifices I make but I do it for him because I was made for him. I am not ashamed of who I am, what I have been through the decision of where I am in my life falls into that. I am so head over heels in love with my husband that it doesn't matter the situation I am in, the fact that I am married to someone in prison or that fact that he is 2,500 miles away. He is the love of my life. He and I share no secrets, he has always told me the truth and I have done the same. I can only thank him for the wonderful man he is and who he is becoming. The daily letters and soon to be daily calls is what gets us both through this time. We both write each other every single day and look forward to each phone call.

If the world came down I would still have him, if I begin to fall he would never let me hit the ground, if we ever had to go to war he would be standing right next to me, no matter what I still have him.

A lot of "prison wives" say "why would people be jealous of me?" Shit, we can't sleep next to our husbands, its a few phone calls, visits for the lucky women, we are sending money and letters but ya know when it comes down to it, the letters the calls (I don't get visits) are nothing compared to the love that we have between one another. While I have to pay $5.70 to talk to my husband and mostly communicate with him via the United States Postal Service a "normal" couple gets to wake up next to one another, fall asleep next to one another but not all of em have this kind of love. That, this love, is what they should be jealous of. This kind of love. So pure, so real the love that my husband and I share people should be jealous because 2,500 miles away,behind locked doors Mr. and Mrs. Lewis have the kind of love some people will never have, the kind they only dream of.

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