Green Light.....Go.

"So as I sit here and think, its around 7:30 there and I wonder what you are doing? are you out or did you stay in? Its Friday night and I think if I were home what would we be doing? I think that we would be home right about now, probably finding something on TV to watch for the night. Maybe we are sitting there and you keep fucking with me, tickeling ,e till I can't stop laughing, douche bag! lol. or we are getting into the shower getting ready to curl up on the bed in each others arms ready to watch a movie or something! I remember Friday nights used to mean get paid, get some drugs, and hit the bars or go to someone's house to party! It didn't matter where we were just as long as we were getting fucked up cause it was Friday! It didn't matter what were getting fucked up on just as long as I was fucked up! Now baby, all I want to do is be with you! And the only thing I want to get fucked up on now is you! Your love, your company and of course your sex! You are the only thing I need now to make me feel good! I don't need any drugs anymore! You make me feel better than any drug has ever made me feel! Where were you 10 years, 5 years hell 3 years ago when I could have save us all this heartache and pain and could have been trying to overdose on your love rather than drugs. All I know is you saved me! Cause without you right now, I would probably max this bid out and see green lights to go off to the races! Now all I see is green lights to make babies and wedding bells for our wedding! Without you right now I don't know what I would be doing after this, actually I'm afraid to think of what I would have been like. But now baby, I don't have to be afraid! I don't have to be scared! I don't have to worry! I know I have you waiting, for me and our future together is only looking better and better. the possibilities are endless to what we can accomplish together babe! We both have great hopes and plans for the future and together we can accomplish every goal we set for ourselves! i want, matter of fact, I need you in my future baby! I can't imagine it any other way! Its not complete without you baby! I'm so lucky to have a woman like you baby and I'm not losing you now, that I do have you!"

And that right there, just that keeps me strong, keeps my spirits lifted and continues to help me realize how much my husband loves me. I am one lucky girl!

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