Another one....

I move into my own place with a friend until my husband gets home, I get away from the nonsense, the drama and I only find myself even more lonely. Another lonely night. I miss my husband a lot tonight, and I don't even have any tears left. I just wish my skin could touch his, my hands to rest in his. My nightly letters have just been sharing my heartache and how much I miss him, how depressing for him. I can't explain the feeling, the jealousy of happy couples 'together' for we are happy but what about our 'together.' What can I do to shake this? What are the steps for me to become stronger?

I seem to have slipped into a deeper depression, where I just want to roll over to him, instead of an empty space in my bed. I want to look over and see his smiling face instead of the dark. Friends and family can only help so much, where can I step in for myself?

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