Here I am its just barely 2 a.m. and my eyes refuse to shut and my mind refuses to quit tonight. Nights like these I feel like I should be laying with him and looking into his eyes, sharing my day with him, or sharing my heartache or my happiness yet I tend to keep my heartache to myself and happiness doesn't come very often. This week has most certainly gotten the best of me, I am tired of everyone getting involved in my life or constant harassment and it all fall onto my shoulders since my husband is in prison. My shoulders are getting weak and my back is getting tired, then what happens? Do all your worries and troubles just pile up from the floor up? How can I get over this hump? My depression has seem to settle just a little more, which scares me. And my husband, Tom, doesn't want to hear about this stuff when we talk. I am on a fence, the good versus the bad, now what? Why are my bad days getting more frequent and more intense? I just miss my husband, I miss my best friend so much right now.

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