Love Keys

"Hey baby how are you today? I'm good just another day though. Wish I was home with you finally though. I hope all goes well when I get home to you and make some babies!!! Damn I can't wait to start that part of our life together and put all this behind us! . . . . . So have I told you that I love you today? Well I love you sooooooo much!!! Oh and this computer sucks ass to, you have to press the buttons hard as hell and then sometimes it still don't work but I do it all for my love of you!!! To much kissing ass? Well you deserve as much ass kissing as I can give to you and even then that's not enough for you baby!!! You should see my typing with two fingers.. you'd be laughing your ass off at me!!! Alright babe imma wrap this up... I love you more than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow!!! Goodnight and sweet dreams!!! LOVE ALWAYS AND 4 LIFE!!!!!! YOUR HUSBAND!!!"

Tom and I are now in limbo. He is in a facility waiting to be extradited from this facility maybe to another but finally, hopefully, landing in Idaho. This is all a part of the waiting game. You wait for the sentence, you wait for the time, you wait for the calls, the letters, you wait for the release - you just wait. But we are thankful that one day down mean another day closer to hopefully seeing each other SOON!

One thing good is where he is we can correspond via computer, similar to email. Which is especially nice when we are limited to 300 minutes a month and we were spoiled with the last facility talking as much as we wanted. Now since we have no clue when or where he can move we have not sent hand written letters and have stuck to the emails. It is nice to get the little notification that you received a message and its him right now (well about two hours later) and how he is feeling rather than reading it four days later. Like today's.

Its little things like this that makes us - well us. Of course the entire message isn't enclosed above, we need to keep some to "us" but he is always so in love with me and as I am with him. And he is right I would be "laughing my ass off" at him. I think thats what keeps us together and somewhat sane - the humor.

The humor is something a lot of couple loose along the way. We can still make each other laugh whether its during our short 15-minute phone calls or in any of our letters. Just another reason why I love that man. He can always put a smile on my face.

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