"My letter earlier just pretty much said the usual but there was one part of it that I want to write again and that's about the poster I seen that said "Pain is just weakness leaving the body," I like that saying a lot cause I think its so true! When we hurt we feel weak and after all the pain is gone only then do we feel ourselves get stronger. I think that is one saying that we should keep in mind through this struggle of ours, cause no matter how much pain we feel or how weak we may think we are this is only making us stronger! It is making our love stronger! Even though we have not been together for over 10 months I have a stronger connection to you than I have ever had with anyone else. I think this this has been a true test of our commitment to our relationship. Anyone can be in love when they are with the other person day in and day out, but take one of them people out of that equation and I would be willing to bet over half the relationships fail and a couple more are never the same. But our's has only grown stronger with each passing day and can only get stronger. I love you like I have never loved anyone else! I truly believe that you are the one that I have been searching for my whole life. I've always heard that there is a perfect match for everyone in the world but sometimes you may just never find it or find it and let it go. I believe I have found my perfect match in you and I will never lose it. I am determined to make our love last!!! I love you always and 4 life. Those words have never been so true than right now!!! I have to go babe but remember you are always in my heart and on my mind no matter what I'm doing!!! Good night and sweet dreams. I love you more than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow!!!! LOVE ALWAYS AND 4-LIFE!!!!!!! YOUR HUSBAND!!!!"

Pain. Something Tom and I both feel, experience yet we are experiencing different pains on different spectrum's. He feels the pain of being away from home, without his freedom and everything that entails which I take on the pain of being without him, running a household without him and making sure he is okay. Tom is exactly right, this is making us stronger. Each and everyday is a new beginning, a new horizon and it allows us to become that much stronger. I am sure there are several thousands of couples have experienced worse "pain" and bigger struggles but this current situation is big to us. To think that we haven't been together for 318 days, seen each other in almost 300 and to still sit here, love each other like we do, that is pretty amazing to us.

Love can be a complicated thing. the devotion, the honesty and sometimes the 'unhappiness' that comes with love is something uncomfortable. We couldn't predict the future of what our first marriage would be like, we couldn't predict the next moves the state or even what tomorrow brings, but we can predict the love.

I know the phone will ring at least once tomorrow.
I know he will wake up and think of me.
I know that he will worry about me, miss me.
I know that he will either sit at a computer or at a piece of paper to write.
I know when he goes to bed, he will lay there and worry and probably over think things.
I know he will love me.

He knows I will worry about him.
He knows I will patiently wait for his call and always write.
He knows that my devotion to him never waivers.
He knows I may have trouble sleeping, but I will always dream of him.
He knows that I will love him.

People question us, our relationship or even our motives - but we just love. Love each other and hope for a future full of happiness. A future of love. A lot of people probably couldn't do what we have done or overcome the obstacles we have - but we did and we are still happily married.
It has been so amazing to not only explore and get to know someone like we have but
to love like we have. We will continue to be strong, to love each other like no other and be grateful for one another.

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