Chin Up Beautiful

We have all had those days when you just need someone to say, "It will be okay." My favorite, "Chin Up, Beautiful." And when those words do stutter out of someone's mouth all you can do is cry, well that is usually what happens with me lately. With everyday stress of life and being the "better" half of someone in prison it is overwhelming to say the least! Each and every women in this position, we well as men, have a battle, it is a rough road with a lot of ups and downs. We each have our own stories, our own way of dealing with our own situations and we may not all agree, we may all not get why or what the other ones are "doing" but we are in this together. Encouragement and empowerment have to come from within to help each other.

With this being said, I challenge you. Post the photo above on a "fellow" wife, girlfriend, fiances' wall and share encouraging words with them. Empower them to share it with others. Show that you care, that everything will be okay.

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