All we need is love

Some of the best days are days when you get a call when it wasn't planned or a letter that was expected, which was my day! Tom and I talk every day but while he has been moving around the country our daily letters have turned into a weekly occurrence. I received a letter earlier in the week so when I opened my mailbox, bills, advertisements and then BAM - there it was an unexpected letter. My smile grew and I began to rip open the envelope by the time I got to the car! I was so happy in that very moment. 

You never takes a long letter to make your day, hell he could send just the envelope and I would be happy. Just knowing that he is thinking of me, putting in the effort makes me happy. Then to open it and read the following made me even happier:

"I am yours and you are mine for the rest of our lives! I love you more than I have every loved anyone else. I am lucky to have you and am thankful for everything you have done for me. I've been telling everyone about you going to Canada next year and being a guest speaker and I think people are really jealous of how good you are to me. I think people wonder how a guy like me could get so lucky with a girl like you and I honestly don't know but I am thankful for it. Hell I must have done something right along the way to get you, I don't know what it was but if I could I would do it a thousand more times!"

Sometimes you get caught up in the every day life of taking care of the house, work, worrying about him, phone calls, letters, money orders etc. etc. But sometimes its nice to sit, literally sit down and read something like this, because this is us - our life and I love him. Love. Its an amazing thing! Isn't it? 

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  1. Beautiful Annette. Love is beautiful and it is real.


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