Strong Prison Wives

Sometimes you meet people that are instant friends. People that you get along with, see eye to eye and just feel comfortable with, meet Rosanne, aka The Prison Wife. A blogger (which I was losing hope in the fact the other women in this situation actually blog) and fellow prison wife. It was like a breath of fresh air literally!

She initially stumbled on my other blog, Strong Prison Wives ( and wanted to be a contributor! I love reading what other women are going through, because I am probably going through it too. Rosanne and I quickly became friends and I shared with her my "ideas" of what Strong Prison Wives should be. And with amazing encouragement and her great ideas - she and I have teamed up as co-founders to launch Strong Prison Wives (

We have BIG plans, amazing ideas. It will be a site for women, by women! So please like us on Facebook (  and if you are interested in become a mentor let us know!

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