"Babe, I wanted to do something special for you being as strong as you have been, but I'm limited to what I can do! I can't draw you a picture cause I'm not as talented as you in that aspect. I can't write you a poem cause I really suck at that. Due to the recent circumstances I can't take you out to dinner or get you flowers. I cant, however, tell you that baby, I love you! I love waking up next to you, it just starts my day out right! I love getting texts from your during the day, it keeps my day going right! I love curling up with you at night, it makes for a perfect day! And right before we go to sleep for the night and I look into those beautiful eyes of yours, I know for sure that this is a love that I never knew before! Baby, I truly love you with all my heart and absence makes the heart grow fonder. I will love you always and forever." Tom

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