I keep waiting for you

Weekends are the worst and a holiday on top of it? It really makes me miss Tom. I just keep waiting for him to come down those stairs, I just wait to at least hear his voice. Sometimes this seems to get harder as the days go by as it gets easier for him. The days keep counting down and while weekly phone calls and letters are wonderful its hard to think that your husband is far away. When Tom I decided to get married, we had no idea what we were about to get into. We had no idea if Tom would be gone for two weeks, two months of two years, thankfully we were lucky and he did get a short time but its hard. I feel so alone without him and I am sure it is way worse for him. I want him here in my arms, I want him home so we can begin our new family together. Only 128 more days to go.

I just miss him . . .

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