The Happiest

What can make a girl go from sleepy and over the day to on top of the world giddy . . . . . not only a LETTER but a PHONE CALL. Double whammy today! I ran home to check the mail and there it was - to Annette Lewis from none other than Mr. Lewis. I look forward to every single day, hoping just to get a letter and when one actually arrives I am over the top happy. While all the letters are fantastic, this one is ever so fantastic. And he writes:

"Hey baby! IT was so good to talk to you tonight! I miss you so much! Don't let that crazy bitch get into your head baby, I took my vows to you and only you and I hold those vows close to my heart! There is no one else that I want to spend my life with than you baby, I just want you to get home to you and start making our our new family. I love you with all my hear! i sit here and stare at our pic and I can't wait to hold you in my arms again! I laid here earlier dozing off thinking about that first night you were over watching movies and I asked you for a kiss and your lips felt so good against mine, and the way we kissed it felt so good, I just knew you were the one for me and I was determined to make you mine at that point! I wish I could just kiss you one last time right now! I want you to know babe that you and only you is whats getting me through this right now! I wake up in the morning and its you I think of, during the day I wonder what it is that you are doing and at night I know you can't hear it but I say goodnight and I love you to you! EVERY NIGHT! All I do is think about you! I've said it a million times but baby you really do complete me! You are my everything, I need you in my life! I am proud to call you my wife! You should never have a doubt in your mind baby you are my one and only! My heart aches everyday that I can't be with you, but it heals knowing the future we will have once this is finally over! That gets me through it, knowing you are here for me and I am here for you baby! We are perfect for each other! You make me laugh and if I need it I can cry! You don't judge nor hold anything against me. I can tell you anything and you listen! I've never had anyone close to me and I'm not going to fuck that up, not for no addict whore, not for anyone! You are my wife and I am your husband! ....... "

I can't give it all away! I love this man I call my husband sooooooo much! No one can believe this short time we have not only been married but have known each other could be so fantastic. I didn't think this kind of love EVER existed! I am truly so lucky to have met someone so amazing and someone I relate to and really completes me!!

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