Finally . . .

Just after 1 a.m. and I can't explain how happy I am (the most I could be). Today marks 27 days that I have been apart from my husband, and after five days of not hearing a single thing, he was finally able to call. Hearing his voice brings some sort of security to me, even though he is 2,832 miles away to be exact he still brings a smile to my face. After all time of not knowing, getting an actual date, an actual time line lifts some sort of weight off our shoulders. The anxiousness is now subsided and now we can focus our energy on staying happy in our relationship with weekly phone calls and limitless letters. We both just worry about each other, making sure we are both staying strong and committed. Even though we have been married for ..... 10 days, and none of those days have we spent with one another, none of those 10 days have we been able to wake to each other, I couldn't be happier. Some women are always complaining about their boyfriend or husband, that he cheats, nags, is lazy or unattentive, I can't say anything like that about Tom. Even though Tom and I haven't been together and wont for at least 130 days, I love him and I am happy. I never thought of any of this for my life, for my marriage nor my husband but I would never change it for anything. I love Tom, more than anything. I cannot wait for our lives to start, for OUR future. I look forward to building a family, have a fantastic life with my husband. I <3 Tom

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