Enough for Me

Wow. I can't believe I will be a mother. It is slowly consuming my brain that inside of me there is life. A different soul that is not my own. And all that came even more to life August 30, 2012 when Tom and I enjoyed how first ultrasound together. It was amazing. Amazing probably isn't even a good enough word but that is all that is coming to me now! As a woman lays on here back with an awkward device searching her body, the site of something else in your body was breathtaking. Then as we all became quiet, the beat of our baby's heart beat was an even more amazing thing. To hear it race at 150 something beats a minute, it gave me satisfaction that, that beautiful miracle is really there. I couldn't even describe that feeling, the switch in feelings from being just me, to being a mom. I am obviously still working on it and we have awhile to go. But I feel so blessed. Truly blessed that all my prayers, my dreams are coming true. From my wonderful husband being here to starting a family together. Its like my life feels complete and that in itself is enough for me.

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