Falling Into Place

At 26 years old I sometimes feel as though of where my life is and where it was going. Since Tom has been home its slowly moving forward. It was like my soul was waiting for him and now that he is home, I am alive. Together we have fun, we love, we laugh, we care - and we are careless. Careless in a way that allows us to live out lives for us, not for anyone else and not for what anyone else thinks. Maybe that is what makes us so "together" we have the same mind-set on where we are at now in our lives and what we want in our future.

We want a future full of love, children, accomplished dreams and everlasting respect.

That love starts with us. The children begins at conception and the dreams will be accomplished and that respect will continue. Today one of our dreams flourished. As two pink lines appeared on a pregnancy test, shock ran through my entire body. I ran to the front where Tom was walking to get the mail, I made him come in and share in the excitement. We just looked at each other, double checking to make sure we were reading it right.

We are. We are pregnant.

Excitement. Nervousness. Shock. Happiness. Love. All flow through my body. Tom is ecstatic! He tells anyone and everyone he can and of course he is hoping for a boy. To my calculation I think I am about 5-7 weeks, but not sure. Doctors appointment is in our near future.

The Lewis clan is expanding. The two will soon be three. <3

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