Something New

It is such an odd feeling and thought that I am pregnant.

Me. I am pregnant.

I was the one girl that always said, "I don't want kids." I have never been the "kid type" while there are a few kids that I love being a parent never seemed to match for me. I can't say I really never wanted kids, because I do want children. I want the name of "mom." And here I am.

I am getting everything I ever wanted yet I am not only the one who is, Tom is as well. Tom is so ecstatic that we are having a baby. The joy in his eyes, makes it worth while. I think about it all day. That I will soon by "mom." That I now have to take care of me and another.

I have indulged myself into online articles, videos and photos. Picking colors, furniture, and focusing on being healthy. The new changes taking over my body and mind and remarkable to me. The changes have brought on a new bond between Tom and I. We are both excited about the new edition and the life that we will soon have. Bringing a child into this world is something serious. New worries, new issues and protection. A protection and love that can be like no other than mother and child or father and child.

I am anxious. Nervous. Excited.

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