A Night Under the Stars

Since Tom has been home we have been trying to do fun things, anything really. Things together, especially with the possibility of Tom not being home "permanently" yet. With Tom's curfew and limited travel we have adapted pretty well. So this weekend while a lot of people are out barbecuing and camping, we worked. So while we couldn't spend the night in sleeping bags or take in the sweet pine smell - I concocted a plan. I adjusted the camping to suit our needs, creating "indoor camping." I moved our coffee table made a nice little bed, strung white Christmas lights around the living room, Tom was the brains behind the tent, I gathered some candles as the campfire and even made s'mores from a recipe thanks to Pinterest. Most camping excludes electronic devices but I have to admit that we watched a scary movie, which Tom reassured me that the scary movie makes up for the scary stories around the campfire. To a lot of people it's childish and that's okay by us. As we sat in our little tent, eating our s'more and drinking milk, I looked over at Tom and said, "You must really love me." He just replied, "It's all for you babe, whatever you want." He really does love me. This was really silly. At 26 and Tom at 31 here we were sitting on blankets and pillows on the floor of our cozy apartment under a sheet, lights across the ceiling, like we were both 8 years old. I am pretty sure Tom wasn't "excited" about indoor camping but he is always a good sport. Tom must really love me because what grown man wants to do this? We cuddled up next to one another and it was at this time I was really convinced we are perfect for one another. Both so willing to do whatever it was to make each other feel loved, to be happy and just to be with one another. 

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