Just to be with You

Having the day off for Memorial Day was a little extra boost to the weekend to spend more time with my husband and the best part is that we had no plans. Score! So we stumbled out of bed late, got ready for the day and decided to go shopping. We strolled through the store picking up odds and ends, things we didn't necessarily need but wanted. When we hit our last stop, Tom spotted a display of kites. He was lured in by their bright colors and the excitement it could bring upon our afternoon. So we checked out with kit in tow and off we were. After putting our new goodies away and watering our flowers Tom broke out the kite. He quickly assembled the plastic toy and off her was. He struggled to get the kite up in the air due to the lack of wind. I just patiently waited as he ran back and forth in front of our apartment trying to avoid the branches of the trees. Tom finally caught a break when the kite began to drift into the sky. He let the string out allowing it to climb higher and higher. Tom kept repeating, "I haven't flown a kite in years." Years he said, like a young kid. This simple, maybe, $4.99 toy brought so much joy to Tom which I have to admit that it surprised me. It surprised me in the way that he enjoyed it so much. The simplest things can bring the biggest joys. A kite. That's it. The kite flew high above our heads into the sunlight and all I could think about is how wonderful it is that Tom is home. How happy he is. How happy a kite made him. It child-like things like indoor camping, kites and coloring are simple things that bring big joys and some real ease. To me personally, the small things like this is what makes me happy. Seeing Tom happy. The best part is that Tom kept the kite so he could fly it again!


  1. You truly are blessed !! You and Tom have the most natural relationship, and enjoy all the little things that mean so much !! I love hearing all the stories, a real live love story .... I wish you many many years of happiness :)

  2. he flew kites every easter and summer holiday w me & my family.... sorry chick

  3. Audrey- lip up please. You are nasty and twisted and a truly evil person just out to cause trouble by being oppositional.


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