Ask and You shall Receive

Some days it is honestly hard to blog about "updates," when there are none or in some cases Tom and I decided to wait to share news until we can really know what is going on and the treatment. Little Cooper is moving along. One of the NICU nurses called early in the morning to let us know that he seemed restless and "unlike" him she thought maybe he was getting sick. So they ran tests, luckily they all came back fine. Cooper is still requiring a lot of oxygen, well it is unfair to say "a lot" since it is less than what it was. Hopefully he can grow in the next week to help develop his lungs more so we can get the tube out of his throat, something I am sure he would enjoy a lot more. At first it seemed Cooper was doing so good, and not to scare people and say he isn't do good now, it's just made us realize how nice that "honeymooner" stage was for us; coupling with the "two steps forward one step back" trend. It almost just hits your heart going day to day not knowing really what to expect! But like all of us Cooper has good days and bad days, he just has to work at it a little more.

While being in the NICU all the time can be overwhelming there some perks, like the nurses. They are all wonderful and each have their own special quirks about them. One nurse told me about hand molds another nurse does, so of course we wanted some of Cooper's tiny little hands. And ask and you shall receive.

Well today we got them, two of each hand plus a sweet little card "from" Cooper. We know Cooper's hands are tiny, itsy bitsy but to see them in a tiny little mold was amazing. The copper penny is about the size of his hand.  It is something we will cherish for a long time too come, something Cooper will be amazed at himself. The molds capture the lines of the palms of his hands, the outline of his fingernails, I can't believe how small and great they are. It beats any handprint accompanied on a birth certificate.

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