Won't Go Home Without You

I miss home so much, living in a small town I usually look forward to traveling to a big city - shopping, food anything you want. Now that I am temporarily living here, I hate it and miss small town life! Growing up in California then moving to Salmon was most certainly a culture shock but now I appreciate it!

The traffic is insane when you come from a two stop light town and its like everyone at home is nice, here Its as though you need to remind them to say "thank you."

So I drove home yesterday to take my car to a trusted mechanic. It was a long three hour drive for a short two hour stay until Tom and I came back to Missoula. I feel so vulnerable and sad when leaving Missoula, I worry about Cooper. And if something were to happen I couldn't even really do anything but watch. Not to mention when going home I almost feel "bad" that I can't take Cooper with me that he has to stay.

While I was in Salmon Cooper had kind of a big day. The doctor decided to change the tube in his throat due to the leak around the other one. It was the next size bigger which has certainly helped him. While his oxygen is still high he isn't requiring the vent to give him up to 97 percent anymore.

He had another chest X-ray as well that showed his lungs were hazy. Tey also did an ECHO on his heart for his PDA and while the issue isn't resolved the valve opening is now smaller. Which is good. We can just hope it doesn't reopen.

His feedings have gone up to 15 mL and he is growing. He is tolerating his food well which is great! He is no longer on antibiotics thankfully and hope that any infections stay at bay!

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  1. ahhhhh..... the montana side :).......you are a good mom annette. cooper will get through this. we will have to get all the "little men" together someday and tell their story. :)

    rebecca charlesworth


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