When things aren't working

The routine of being at the hospital at 8 a.m. for touch time is just comes natural now, up by 6 a.m. shower, pump and be at the hospital. Today when I arrived I found out that Cooper's oxygen was so low over the night the nurse needed to bag him, resulting her in calling the doctor and an x-ray ordered. Of course, I can't be here 24/7 so when something happens as "mom" I would appreciate a phone call, no matter what time it was. But that is no here, nor there.

Cooper's oxygen and breathing has been his biggest set back so far, and today I think he reached maybe the "worst." His oxygen has been all the way down to 23 (we breath room air of 21) which is good, today it has reached from 60 to 80, not so good. First they thought maybe there was a leak in his breathing tube, but they aren't sure and last time they needed to take the tube out and put it back in, they noticed that his throat was raw and bled a little. So Cooper has done much today and we have skipped holding for the day and can just be hopeful for tomorrow.

His sodium was pretty low so the doctor ordered him some sodium and about three hours later his sodium was creeping back up but too fast. The doctor doesn't think his sodium levels and oxygen levels aren't related. Little Cooper does need his third blood transfusion, but the doctor really doesn't want to give it to him until the oxygen situation is worked out since the blood transfusion can help his oxygen but she doesn't want to "mask" the problem.

Tomorrow will mark Cooper's third week in this world, he hasn't grown much but since his feedings have gone from 6mL to 9.9 then to 12 and now to 14 every three hours and tolerating them very well hopefully he will soon get some baby fat on his tiny little bones.

I am sure there are somethings I am missing or leaving out. But if you are curious just ask, I will be happy to answer any questions!


  1. I am a friend of Andrea's. Just wanted you to know that I am praying for Cooper and sending light, love and healing energy his way (with a little for his Mom and Dad too! I will keep the faith with you!

    Aileen from Facebook


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