Love You

The new challenge on Strong Prison Wives is "Love <3 You." Taking a minute, an hour, a day, a weekend to do something for yourself. It seems we are always running around worrying about everyone else, letters, phone calls, money on his books - but what do you for you? So I have to admit, I rarely take my own advice, so today I decided I should since its been a stressful week. After dinner I made a quick trip to the store to grab some bubble bath! I had the option of two, Mr. Bubble or some cheap stuff - went with the cheap stuff, not only was is just one dollar, it was raspberry vanilla. I have an obsession with vanilla. Literally. I was really not into it once I got home, but I needed to stick to the "love you." I lit the candles, filled the tub with hot water, turned on the iPod, and watched the bubbles grow. As I slipped into the warm water, closed my eyes I thought to myself, "Ahhhhh, so nice." It is nice to just lay there, whether it was in the bath or not, just to be unbothered, was relaxing. Since I am not a big "bath" person, I must prefer a shower, it didn't last long. As I climbed out of the bath I noticed there was the same amount of water on the bathroom floor than there was in the tub. But it made me use my new towels I purchased months ago. All in all, I feel a little better that I took time for me. I loved me today!

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