Fool For You

Another month down, the first day of the month is always a realization for me that we are slowly but surely getting through this. The past couple of weeks has been difficult for Tom and I in the fact that we have no idea what the future holds for either of us. We don't know when Tom will be home, but we can't allow that to get us down. Tom and I have passed the year mark, developed a fantastic relationship full of trust and support and one hundred percent communication. Of course I miss him, but we are okay, we will be okay.  Last night it was super windy outside and as the wind roared through all of a sudden I could hear something hitting, due to the wind. At first I didn't pay attention to it. Then it dawned on me that one time it was really windy when Tom was home. We were laying in bed watching television and heard a pounding. The pounding hard, loud and seemed to get more persistent, Tom played detective to find the source. The quickly slipped on his shoes, threw on a jacket and was bound to go outside. Now I felt like I had to get involved, I had to act interested. But at Tom began to go outside, I suggested the idea the maybe it was coming from the laundry room. "I don't think so babe," he replied, but to please me he walked back there, I followed, as we stood back there he says, "Its not back here babe, its outside I think." I quickly began looking around and there was a tube hanging down, one that would be hooked to a dryer, so it travels outside. I got Tom's attention and showed him, the wind was traveling through tube making it hit the wall. I felt validated that I was right. We fixed the problem and Tom said, "Good job babe!" When that memory came rushing to me last night it made me laugh on the whole situation on how Tom wanted to be the hero. And made me realize how much we must rely on memories especially when Tom and I were separated with him on the east coast and we didn't see each other for almost a year. We are forced to remember the great times because until they come home, the "great" times can't really exist. Yes there are good times but nothing can compare to the times you share with them, trips, cuddling, anything really. But no matter what I am still in love with him, wouldn't trade it for the world - I am still a fool for him.

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