Pulling at my Heartstrings

"I do want you to know that a major part of me changing is you! You make me want to be a better man and grow up to make you happy. You make me realize that I can have fun and be able to be an adult at the same time. I want to make you proud to call me your husband and not just another man. that is the major part of why I read these books, why I want to go back to school and why I am trying to make myself a better person inside and out! I love you with all my heart and I am proud to call you my wife and I will continue to try to better myself everyday to make you feel proud of me and continue to be proud of me!"

What he doesn't realize is I was proud of him from the start. It started the day he "confessed" to me about his past, maybe days into knowing each other he laid everything out, setting the foundation of our relationship. I was proud of him the day he was arrested, March 23 when he made his one free call, his first words were, "I am so sorry babe," he was calm, collected. I was proud of him the day he broke down in front of him, with glass separating our touch, he finally told me how he really felt. I continue to be proud of him, how amazingly strong he has been and even though I know he has bad days he stands strong with his head up high. I was proud of him the day he shared he wanted to be a counselor to try and help someone like what he used to be.

This man, named Thomas Lewis, continues to amaze me every single day. Every day I am proud of him. He is not and will never be just "another man" he is my best friend, in every sense of the word. We have friendship and love which is so grand in this hectic world.

This pulls at my heartstrings, having such a great man wanting to better himself for us, for our future and our future family is an irreplaceable gift. In return I am making changes as well, maybe thats what love really does to you. Maybe love is suppose to bring the best of you out to better someone else, whatever it is 'suppose' to do, I feel lucky to have it in my life.

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